Meet the Team

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David Walton is the Co-Founder and CEO of Respire Medical, which he co-founded in March 2010.  Following several years of success and the recent acquisition by Whole You, David plans to continue to grow Respire into one of the largest oral device companies in the world, through innovative products, reasonable pricing and an exceptional customer experience.

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Marc has over 10 years of dental technician experience, specifically focusing on filling the role of a Product Specialist, which he continues to thrive in with us here at Respire Medical. Marc is involved in the numerous steps it takes to have our appliances precisely right for the patients as well as the doctors. This leads to Marc also acting as the chief liaison between doctors and the lab, through his knowledge of the appliances he can ensure the doctors will receive exactly what they ask for.  Marc spent 12 years in Denver CO, where he fine-tuned his skills as a dental technician.

Olga is the Lead Quality Control Specialist here at Respire Medical. Her role is to test each product for it's intended use and quality. She also trains our Quality Control Specialist on our standards and regulation to produce a product that will meet the medical device regulatory requirement and international standards.


Walid Raad, the Co-Founder and CTO of Respire Medical, is the developer and innovator of Respire Medical's product line. Walid has worked in and trained some of the largest labs in the world. His experience in design and manufacturing of sleep appliances started 15years ago, as he continues to maintain thorough knowledge on appliance development.  Walid has been and will continue working on some of the most innovative oral devices available in sleep apnea treatment.  


Shivang Shah moved from Austin, TX, to Brooklyn, New York in 2015. Though he was born and raised in Houston, TX, he obtained his undergraduate degree with a B.S. in Public Health from The University of Texas at Austin. He procured a position at Respire Medical once he moved to Brooklyn, using his customer service, and logistics expertise combined with his interest in community health to succeed in his endeavors in helping maintain a competitive edge for the company. In his free time, Shivang enjoys reading non-fiction but enjoys taking reading suggestions from friends. He also enjoys running, and is a huge sports fan with his loyalties with all Houston and University of Texas teams. Shivang is currently an MPH candidate in Community Health Education at the CUNY School of Public Health hoping to tighten his grasp on Public Health topics as they relate to Community Health, and hopes to use his skills to further the understanding and awareness of Mental Health, Child and Maternal Health, and of course Sleep Medicine specifically as it relates to Sleep Apnea.