Respire Pink EF


Why choose the Pink EF


The Endurance Framework (EF) in the Respire Pink provide an extremely strong framework using Wironit Chrome cobalt. By using this material it allows Respire to keep the lingual surface much thinner than can be achieved with any acrylic material. This maximizes the tongue space in the device and is carried through to the anterior portion. The opening in the anterior is one of the biggest benefits to the device as no acrylic is used creating as much space as possible for the tongue. 


The appliance is open in the front to add comfort by increasing the tongue space allowing the patient to inhale and exhale more air per breath. We can also make the appliance with a softer layer on the tooth surface to add more comfort.



One of the main benefits of the Pink EF device is that it is Medicare Approved. This allows you to offer your services to a group of people that would not be open to you normally.


Respire offers a 1 year warranty on our Pink EF device. We believe you will never need to use it but for your peace of mind it will always be there for you to use.