Respire Pink

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It is recommended that you hold the upper and lower components together. Place the upper component over the teeth, have patient press over the lower teeth. Do not bite into place. Some devices may have different paths of insertion, so some may be best inserted anterior first (left side) then posterior (right side).


To titrate the device, place wrench into hole. Turn in the direction of the plus (+) sign. One (1) turn is equal to 0.0625 mm. Sixteen (16) turns is equal to 1mm. Maximum Protrusion is 6mm = 96 Turns (90 degrees).

Two (2) Types of Pink series (herbst)

  1. Hard/Soft Device - Dual laminate layer that provides a soft layer on the tooth surface.
    Note: If device needs trimming, please use heat resistant but (green strip) or blue rubber wheel bur.
  2. Hard Device - All acrylic and retained with ball clasps; allows device to be tightened if it becomes loose.
    Note: If device needs trimming, regular acrylic burs work fine.
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*The screws should be tightened periodically. When replacing a screw, do not exceed 5 turns while tightening