Respire Pink EF



It is recommended to insert the upper component first then lower. To remove, take out the lower component then upper. Some devices may have different paths of insertion, so some may be best inserted anterior first (Front side) then posterior (Back side).


To titrate the screw, place screw driver at the bottom of the arrow. Turn in the direction of the arrow. One (1/4) turn is equal to 02 Millimeter.

Two (2) Types of Pink series (herbst)

  1. Hard EF Device - The EF is retained with "C" clasps. The tip of the clasp can be curved towards the tooth for extra relief.
  2. Adjusting the Chrome framework - When adjusting the chrome material, it is recommended that a heat resistant bur is used for minor adjustments. For major adjustment, the device may have to be remade. Please contact Respire for more details.

Micro Titration

The micro arm will advance up to 3mm. For further titration once fully advanced, unscrew the fixing element on the upper device using the allen wrench. Then turn the adjustable component on the herbst arm back to the starting point (zero turns). Then, using the allen wrench, connect the herbst arm to the anterior fixing element on the upper device. A further 3mm of advancement can be made from this point.

Respire PinkEF.JPG

*The screws should be tightened periodically. When replacing a screw, do not exceed 5 turns while tightening